Cathy Spooner

Do you feel so overwhelmed at times, that being a mother has lost it’s joy? 
Do you feel that somewhere along the line you lost yourself in motherhood?
Are you craving more balance and less stress in your daily life?
Is your soul calling to chase dreams and live in your truest expression?

Cathy Spooner

I've been there. Those moments when you don't quite know how you got to that place, how things became so bad? How the turmoil in your head and heart is now making you feel so lost. I know those feelings, so intimately. For many years I was a victim to my thoughts and emotions, I felt ravaged by the sadness, anger, frustration, resentment and loneliness.

But surely, this isn't what motherhood is meant to be like?

Thankfully, I found a way to heal. I started to listen to and understand my emotions, my needs, my deepest desires... and most importantly, I began to embrace and reconnect with my truest self.

And you are capable of doing the same.



These one off sessions will support you in understanding your current challenges and getting a jump start on healing and moving forward.



This in-depth mentoring partnership will help you to get unstuck, motivated and make lasting transformations in your life.


Free yourself from...

  • Guilt and expectation
  • Self-sacrifice and blurred boundaries
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • The perfection to be a “good mother”
  • Body shaming
  • Comparison and self-judgment 


Welcome in...

  • Crystal clear vision on how you want your life to feel
  • More personal freedom and time for you
  • Embracing and embodying your truest expression of self
  • Feeling grounded and less reactive
  • Unlocking your intuition to support you in motherhood

Working together in this way is for you if...

  • You feel you need a jump start on understanding your current challenges
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know the next step to take
  • You know something in your life needs to change
  • You need loving support and compassion to help you understand and move through emotional pain and stress
  • Want to connect in to your own intuition as a tool for self healing
  • You are comfortable with one off sessions as required
  • What you desire most is clarity to move forward and weight to be lifted from your shoulders

Reset Healing Session includes:

  • 75 minute Zoom call
  • Pre-Questionnaire to help identify your needs so we can maximise our time together
  • Resources to support you moving forward
  • Unlimited email or Voxer support from me for 2 weeks from your session to help talk it out and address anything that may have arisen after your session
  • Investment $220

Working with me this way is for you if:

  • You feel stuck, unmotivated and overwhelmed and unable to move forward in an aspect/s of your life
  • You have a deep feeling or knowing that something is holding you back from achieving your most fulfilled life
  • You struggle to make lasting change on your own and want an accountability partner  
  • You truly want and are committed to a transformation in your life!

I will guide you to make life-changing transformations through this 6-week journey together.  Imagine:

  • Getting crystal clear on how you want your life to feel
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and old patterns
  • Embracing and embodying your truest expression of self
  • Unlocking your intuition to support you in motherhood
  • Actionable steps and support to help you achieve your goals

Intuitive Coaching Series Includes:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to guide us through your needs and desires
  • 30 minute Discovery session where we delve into your questionnaire and discuss your expectations for your coaching series
  • Fortnightly one hour coaching sessions where we set goals, remove blocks and help you embody your truest expression
  • Resources and tools to support you in making lasting change
  • High level email and Voxer support from me throughout the entire process - we are in this together beautiful!
  • Investment 6 sessions $1320
  • Investment 12 sessions $2640
  • Payment plans for Coaching series are available.

My personal experience has given me the greatest perspective on how to weave motherhood and being a woman together so that we can honour both.

I know that your inner callings will have to co-exist alongside the daily challenges and responsibilities of mum life. 

Mama, you deserve to be fulfilled and happy.

Still unsure about investing in yourself? I totally get it. Let’s chat beautiful. Book yourself a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to find out more.