Nobody really tells you how hard it will be.

That there may be as many sad tears as there will be happy ones.

That you would question your worth and whether you're doing this the right way.

Or that being a mother will be your most challenging and humbling experience.


Yet still your greatest adventure.


Maybe if they did, you would have known how beautifully mad this journey of motherhood would be.


I'm Cathy Spooner, mother to three, author and mum

evolution crusader.. what is that exactly I hear you sayin'??

I believe that motherhood is filled with too much expectation, pressure and guilt and it's an old cycle of being that needs to change and evolve.

Motherhood is a world of extremes – pure joy and love to exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. It’s the most amazing yet hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

I gave being a mum my all, it felt natural and such a good place to be in. Until I lost myself in being a mum. I wasn't quite sure how I had arrived in this space where I had stopped taking care of me until my health, emotional well being and relationships were being affected.


My journey has been the most challenging experience of my life, learning to navigate being a mother and balancing that love with acceptance, self forgiveness and taking care of myself.


A mother's truce with her body

Your body is tired, weak and no longer in the same form as it used to be. It doesn’t move the same, feel the same, look the same, love the same...

Living with Grace

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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with being a mum, like you have lost yourself along the way? You're not alone.

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"Tears rolled down my cheeks as I read the preface of this book... reading through the chapters there are laugh out loud moments, smiling and silent tears. Cathy shares her courageous and honest story through this incredible book whilst "living in Grace" Thank you.


Finding that beautiful place  between the  mother you have become and the woman you  wish to be is the greatest journey of motherhood

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