Nobody told her the tale of motherhood

That there would be sad tears as there would be happy ones.

That she would question her worth and lose belief in herself.

That she would be deconstructed and resurrected.

That this would be her most challenging soul work... yet her greatest adventure.

Maybe then, she would have known how beautifully mad this journey of motherhood would be.


Reconnect with their true self 

Witness and overcome self limiting beliefs

Let go of mum guilt, judgement and shame

Live a balanced & joyful life

Understand their purpose

Pursue their dreams alongside motherhood


Hi, I’m Cathy Spooner - Intuitive Motherhood Coach & Author.

I work with mothers who feel overwhelmed by the emotional demands of motherhood and are seeking a deep reconnection with their truest self. 

I help empower women to...

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A book about motherhood and the beautiful madness


Living with Grace

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13 page guide on how to be content and deeply connected with yourself

Balanced Mother 

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re overwhelmed with all the demands of being a mother?

Are you craving balance in your life?


Does it feel like somewhere along the line you have

lost touch with yourself?

 You are not alone beautiful 


I know you want to be the best mother you can, the best woman you can be.

You want to reconnect with that part of you that is lost or switched off.

You want to feel empowered.

You no longer want to be a victim to your emotions.

You want to be acknowledged and appreciated.

You want to feel balanced and live life with more joy.

You want to finally say how you truly feel and be held without any judgement.

And you are entitled to all of this

It's just that becoming a mother is something we are expected to know how to do and that we should feel a certain way. Yet the reality is, that because of this expectation mothers live in silence, too afraid to share how they truly feel. You have permission to stop that story right here and now.

Want to unpack all this, be supported to step fully into the women you know you are deep inside?

Book yourself an obligation and cost free chat with me.

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