Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a mother?


Are you craving more balance in your life?


Does it feel like somewhere along the line you have lost touch with yourself?


You are not alone.


You are one of many women on a constant search for balance, happiness and authenticity in your life. Becoming a mother takes you into a magical world full of beauty, unfaltering dedication, joy and the deepest possible love for your children. But mothers are faced with many challenges in attempting to balance this magic with the expectations, demands and beautiful madness that surrounds them. The question every mother must ask is how to integrate into this new world without losing touch with her truest self.


Living with Grace is a practical and compassionate guidebook for all mothers who have a longing in their heart to let go of self judgement, guilt and self limiting beliefs, and who wish to welcome acceptance, balance and peace into their lives. Weaving together personal experiences with sound advice and soulful exercises, the book takes readers on a journey of self discovery and reconnection that reveals how to approach each day with greater forgiveness and ease.

Mumma, this is your invitation to live with grace, right now.


Cathy Spooner knows that being a mum is the most challenging yet most rewarding job in the world. Her personal journey with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety has resulted in her passion to support other mothers in moving beyond restriction, self criticism and judgement. With courage and candour, she shares her experience of the darkest moments of motherhood and shows how these can be the catalyst for embracing acceptance, reconnection, authenticity and compassion. Cathy is a loving mother to two boys and a girl. Living With Grace is her first book.

Living with Grace (Paperback)

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