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SELF LOVE gift pack

1 x Emotional Healing session with Cathy Spooner

1 x Health and Wellness Consult with Heidi Lampard

1 x copy of Living with Grace: a mum's guide to self discovery & reconnection amid the beautiful madness of parenting

1 x Personalised essential oil blend 

Over $300 in value! Just for you x


Competition closes 25/5/2019


Emotional Healing session

Cathy Spooner (Mother, Author & Intuitive Emotional Healer)

Cathy is passionate about helping women who may feel lost on their journey into motherhood reconnect with themselves and feel empowered again to live their most authentic life. Cathy uses a collection of her personal experiences, her knowledge and understadning of emotional awareness in motherhood and also her intuition to guide you through deep healing. Being able to move forward often means we need to address the fears, self limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding us back in life. Cathy will help gently guide you to the inner knowing and wisdom within yourself to help create a deep sense of balance, content and happiness.

Cathy offers emotional reflection, practical and spiritual tools to help you navigate your healing journey. She is a firm believer being honest and vulnerable with your motherhood experiences can help us understand how to navigate this journey into motherhood.


This is a space for you to be real about your concerns, be listened to, truly heard and understood. All sessions are conducting lovingly in confidence and with no judgement.

In every moment we have the opportunity to see our situation differently, with more love, compassion and forgiveness. Every mother deserves to feel fulfilled and happy, and Cathy will create a beautiful space in which you can explore this.

90 minute session, Valued at $125



Health & Wellness Consult 

Heidi Lampard (Mother, Holistic Health Coach & Yogi)

Heidi Lampard is a holistic health coach who will support and hold space for you to connect with your inner wisdom and identify your unique health and wellness goals. Looking at all areas of your life, Heidi will draw on her life experience and integrative nutrition training to empower you to make food and lifestyle choices that ignite your inner sparkle and make you shine. You will develop a deeper understanding of which food and lifestyle choices are supporting your highest good and which are no longer serving you so you can make the choices that will improve your energy, mindset, health and happiness and ultimately create a life you absolutely adore!

With a heart-centered, loving presence and holistic approach, Heidi will inspire and empower you to connect with your inner wisdom and support you to create and work towards your unique health and wellness goals, transform into your healthiest and happiest self and create a life you love!

For more info about the divine Heidi, visit her website at

120 minute session, Valued at $130

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Living with Grace

A mum's guide to self discovery & reconnection amid the beautiful madness of parenting

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a mother? Are you craving more balance in your life? Does it feel like somewhere along the line you have

lost touch with yourself?

Living with Grace is a practical and compassionate guidebook for all mothers who have a longing in their heart to let go of self judgement, guilt and self limiting beliefs, and who wish to welcome acceptance, balance and peace into their lives. Weaving together personal experiences with sound advice and soulful exercises, the book takes readers on a journey of self discovery and reconnection that reveals how to approach each day with greater forgiveness and ease.


Mumma, this is your invitation to live with grace, right now.

Valued at $32.95


Personalised Essential Oil Blend

Healing the soul with essential oils

Essential oils have an incredible ability to connect deeply with our emotions, which makes them a beautiful companion for heart and soul healing. You will have a personalised essential oil blend created just for you based on your individual needs. 

This blend can help you work through emotions you feel are keeping you stuck, help ease stress, worry and anxiety and help your reconnect with the inner strength of knowing of your true self.

Valued at $40

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