Living with Grace

A mum's guide to self discovery & reconnection amid the beautiful madness of parenting

Becoming a mother is a life of contrasts – joy and frustration, acceptance and denial, trust and self doubt, boundless energy and utter exhaustion, gratitude and resentment, love and fear.

Living with Grace: A mum's guide to self discovery and reconnection amid the beautiful madness of parenting is your invitation to welcome and understand these contrasts in our parenting lives and to re-learn how to love ourselves, accept our emotions and appreciate ourselves for the incredible work we do as mothers… it is your invitation to live with grace in each and every day of your life. 


My crusade started much earlier than I initially realised, as a young mum of two boys my world felt as though it literally crumbled around me when I found myself diagnosed with Post Natal Depression and Anxiety.  For anyone who has been through these struggles you would know it's hard to put into words how much your world as you know it changes. Not only did I feel disconnected from myself, my relationship with my partner was strained, I struggled to feel connected and happy with my children and essentially everything I knew about myself and my world around me became subject to questioning, doubt and judgement.

During this time I decided to begin journalling as way to heal and attempt to deal with the foreign but also frightening thoughts and emotions that were racing endlessly through my mind. This was the birthplace of my first book Living with Grace. I began to realise that the very things that were feeding my depression and anxiety were common threads that many, if not all of us mummas experience. From that point on, I made it my love mission to share my experiences, to show my fears and weaknesses in the hope that my story and journey can help shine a light in the

lives of other mums just like me. 

If you're a mum who feels stuck, overwhelmed and a little lost in the madness of parenting (because really aren't we all?!)

then right now you are in the right place.


It's time to let go of the self judgement, the mum guilt, the doubt, the expectation and the pressure we place upon ourselves and create space for you to be happy, content, balanced and free to live the fullest

version of your life, right now.

Life is too precious to sit back hoping things will change when the kids get through this stage, or go to school, or move out.

Mumma, now it is your time to do something for you.

I would love to have you on this journey with me. 

What do I hope Living with Grace will bring into your life?

Rediscovery of your true self

Respect for yourself and the incredible role you fulfill each day

A new found appreciation for your miracle making body

Acceptance of the emotions associated with parenting

A deeper understanding of your emotions

Inspiration to chase your dreams

Knowledge that you are not alone on your journey

The ability to welcome and invite grace into your life

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