So, this is me... welcome Mumma

So, this is me... welcome Mumma

It’s a battle this parenting gig.

One day I’m smothered in bliss and that indescribable love that only a parent knows. The next day I’m wishing I could send them off somewhere.. anywhere, just so I can get my head space back. A battle, each and every day. But like you it’s a battle I’m ready for. It’s one I wouldn’t have any other way. Yes, shit hits the fan, I yell (more than I care to admit), I’m exhausted and there are moments when hearing the word mummy one more time may literally zip me in my straight jacket.

But I’ve come to realise without all this I can’t have the good stuff. The precious snuggles with a sleeping newborn, the impromptu hug and I love you from my toddler, the pride in watching them make achievements, or the binding love deep in my heart watching my husband play and make crazy wrestle time with the boys. These good bits they come with baggage - the baggage of raising a human being. Teaching them right from wrong, being there to guide them, to help them embrace their emotions, to encourage and to help them when they fall. Helping to build and shape these mini humans is the greatest blessing life has offered me – so when it comes with tantrums, toy cars in the toilet bowl, sunscreen on all soft surfaces, endless hours of settling and crying, meltdowns and resistance… I gladly take it as it comes.
So this to and fro between the sunshine and the rain of being a mother is my life. They are my world and this is my beautiful madness. My personal journey being a mumma has tested my resolve and strength more than I could have imagined, my vulnerability achingly real when I faced Post Natal Depression and Anxiety. Yet in that lonely space I discovered a way to heal, I discovered that the only way to get through it was to peel back the layers and get honest with myself. My recovery depended on me facing up to the mum guilt, learning to re-love myself, prioritising my needs and reconnecting with the powerful woman inside. My journey of discovery opened my heart and eyes to the world us mummas live in and how these common threads bind us all together.
Now, I’m sharing all I have learnt and experienced in the hope that others mothers can find their own happiness and balance in the life of being a mother. If you feel like you’re a mumma who needs some inspiration back in her life, who is ready to let go of her limiting beliefs and shape a new world for herself and her family, then you are exactly where you need to be.  

I’ll be sending weekly blogs of inspiration, humour and connection for all of us on the parenting journey. There will also be sneak peaks of my new book Living with Grace: A mum’s guide to self discovery and reconnection amidst the beautiful madness of parenting.  

So please, I’d be honoured for you to join me.  

Until then… 

Stay beautifully mad,

Cathy xoxo


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