Simple steps to dream creation

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Simple steps to dream creation

Have you set aside some time this year yet to set some intentions, goals and dreams for yourself and your family for this year? It's such an incredibly powerful action for you to set your intentions, feel into them and then action them (the important part we can often forget) For those Lunar junkies like me, there is actually a Solar Eclipse and New Moon on Sunday 6th January 2019 AEST. For those of you unfamiliar with lunar influences... this is a perfect time to use the energy of Mother Earth to help set intentions. New Moons are about creation and envisioning... oooh yeah! If you're not into Moon stuff like me, that's totally cool... this is still the perfect time for you to set yourself some intentions and goals. We are right at the start of a New Year, what better time than to start a new positive outlook and a dream creation process?! I love to call it dream creation because I feel over time we tend to be told or feel that dreams are for kids. Perhaps dreaming is not responsible and not always tangible for us achieve. But we all dream... so let's do it in a way that can actually help us create the most incredibly happy life we have hoped for. Simple steps for dream creation

1) Use a journal or notepad that you keep just for your intention and dream work.

2) Be very clear with what you are hoping to co-create in your life. Don't be afraid to give time frames for goals, dollar amounts for your promotion, exact feelings you want to feel within etc. The clearer you are, the more effective your message is.

3) Read your intentions every day and feel into them. When you achieve this goal... what would that feel like to you. Remember the goal is actually just the vehicle for the feeling we are chasing. Feel into it like it is real. Imagine the abundance that creates freedom in your life. Imagine a healthy and vibrant body and mind and how limitless your potential is. Imagine the new or business opportunity like you are there already. Imagine the new loving partner or a renewed sense of love and passion in your existing partnership, how does that feel to wake up to that every day?

4) Ask with intention. Once you have written your goals and dreams, you have felt into them you need to action on it and send off it to the greater unknown. Make it a clear statement, whatever feels good for you... but it could sound something like this...

I welcome into my life........ and the feelings of ....... that come with this. Through divine order, this comes to me now. So be it.

Any language that is good for you works, but I do love ending all my dream creation work with So be it. Has such a powerful ownership to us playing an active part in manifesting our dreams. I'd love to hear about your dream creation work... feel free to email me your hopes and dreams for 2019. And let me know if there is any way at all I can help you out, remember there is amazing power in community and support. Happy dream creating!!

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