Do you sometimes feel like you’re overwhelmed with all the demands of being a mother?

Are you craving balance in your life?


Does it feel like somewhere along the line you have

lost touch with yourself?



If yes, then mumma you are in the right place. I know this because I too am just like you.

A mum doing her best to find and keep the balance in this crazy, beautiful world of being a parent.


Hi, I’m Cathy Spooner a mother to two spirited boys and an equally mischevious little girl. 

I am an author, blogger and a Mum Evolution crusader – passionate about helping to empower mums to reconnect with their true selves. I believe that all mums at some stage in life fall into the trap of becoming “just mum”. We lose touch with ourselves in this mad world of parenting, feeling overwhelmed with the demands, realities and expectations that come along with being a mumma.

My journey of discovery was one initially not by choice, I learnt the hard way that mental illnesses do not discriminate when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after the birth of my second son Harry. It was a harrowing time for our family. Everything I thought I knew about myself as an individual and now as a mother was thrown into question.

Self judgement, guilt and fear became an every day part of our lives and it required me to dig deep and find courage I never knew I had in order to walk out of the darkness and

find the light again in my life. I was determined to reconnect with myself and be happy again.

On my journey I realised that the fears and emotions that were feeding my anxiety and depression were things that many, if not all mothers have experienced at some point in time.

The mum guilt, the self judgement, over analysing decisions, feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, unsure if I was doing it all wrong, questioning my decisions, unrealistic fears about the future, wondering why some days I just wasn’t enjoying being a mum.

With this and the harsh reality of how common mental illness is, I made it my love mission to speak up, be vulnerable and share my story. My hope is that in sharing my experiences I can help other mums like you feel accepted, safe and inspired to make change in their own lives. This was the birth place of my first book Living with Grace: A mother’s guide to self discovery and reconnection amidst the beautiful madness of parenting.

A book for every mother

If you're a mum having trouble coping every day, if you feel you don't understand all those heavy feelings and constant battle between your desires and responsibilities. If you are the mum who doesn't have support, who feels alone and wants out from all of this.

If you're so deep in depression and anxiety feel helpless. If you're sick of the madness and are seeking balance in life...then I wrote this book for you sweetheart

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So here I am in all my glorious, messy, perfect imperfectness.

This is how I feel about me and my world as a mumma…

I always thought I would be a good parent until I realised being a mum is the hardest thing I have ever undertaken.

There are some days I want to hold my babies all day long and there are other days when I need space from them.

There have been many days when I don't love being a mum.

There have been even more times I question who I am now and what happened to the "old me".

I struggle daily with mum guilt and self-doubt even though I know better than that.

I try my best to love all the curvy, lumpy, stretched and unusual shapes that my post baby body now has... but it's tough work

re-loving your body.

I know that despite all the beautiful madness of our lives – there is not a moment

that I could ever imagine my world without Jacob, Harry & Ruby... and that is what keeps me going through the day.

You know we're in this together, right?

So mumma, I’m so glad you are here with me today. I hope that some of these words have connected and struck a chord with you.

Because ultimately, we are all on this journey together.


You are not alone.

If you feel like you need to talk, you need to be seen and understood, book a session with me so we can guide you back to feeling like the incredible woman you truly are.

Until then my friend, stay beautifully mad ...

Cathy xoxo

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