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Hi Beautiful


Hi, I’m Cathy Spooner - Intuitive Motherhood Coach, Author and a

Mum Evolution crusader.

I am a mother to two spirited boys and an equally mischevious little girl who are all my greatest teachers in life - hands down.


I'm passionate about helping to empower mothers to reconnect with their true selves. I believe that all mamas at some stage in life fall into the trap of becoming “just mum”. We lose touch with ourselves in this mad world of parenting, feeling overwhelmed with the demands, realities and expectations that come along with being a mama.

I want to help us change the social expectations around motherhood that create so much pressure on mums. The way we view mothers needs to evolve, it's time for us to honour ourselves and the huge transition that occurs when you enter into motherhood.


I help empower women to...

Reconnect with their true self 

Witness and overcome self limiting beliefs

Let go of mum guilt, judgement and shame

Live a balanced & joyful life

Understand their purpose

Pursue their dreams alongside motherhood


A little on my journey

I started out my introduction to motherhood in the same way many of us do - doe eyed and feeling somewhat unsure but confident I would instinctively know what to do. I was bursting at the seams to meet my little one and knew I had tonnes of love and then some to make our little human thrive.


And in some ways I was right, there was so much joy and happiness welcoming our beautiful baby Earth side. But slowly the cracks began to split under the surface. 


I was showing the first signs of Post Natal Depression and Post Traumatic Stress yet none of us, least of all me, could see that. I put any of those moments down to a "normal part of being a mama". When our second son was born there was no insidious cracks under the surface anymore, the rawness and reality of mental illness was there right before me.


It was then I discovered mental illness does not discriminate... it can happen to anyone, even the happy and bubbly mother who seemed to have the most wonderful life. It was a harrowing time for our family. Everything I thought I knew about myself as an individual and now as a mother was thrown into question.


Self judgement, guilt and fear became an every day part of our lives and it required me to dig deep and find courage I never knew I had in order to walk out of the darkness and find the light again in my life. I was determined to reconnect with myself and be happy again.

On my journey I realised that the fears and emotions that were feeding my anxiety and depression were things that many, if not all mothers have experienced at some point in time.

The mum guilt, the self judgement, over analysing decisions, feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, unsure if I was doing it all wrong, questioning my decisions, unrealistic fears about the future, wondering why some days I just wasn’t enjoying being a mum. It was a perpetual cycle I wanted to get out of, but just didn't know how.





Sadly this isn't just a story for mothers with mental wellness issues, this is a common story amongst all mothers. We struggle and feel overwhelmed because of the expectations and pressures from society, family and ourselves. 

I believe somewhere along the way we lost the important messages that should be passed to women when they transition into motherhood. It is so much bigger than learning how to breastfeed and get a baby to sleep.


We are missing the village of support that previous generations had.

We are missing the deep honouring of the female body.

We are missing the awareness of the beautiful yet profoundly life changing step into motherhood.

There is so much pressure to be it all, do it all and not crumble. Too many opinions and judgements on what we "should" be doing has pulled us away from our own ability to trust our intuition, listen within and heed the whispers that guide us to

a happy heart and soul.

Knowing all of this drives my love mission to help empower women to reconnect with their true selves amid this beautiful madness of parenting. My journey was also the birth place of my first book Living with Grace: Motherhood and the Beautiful madness being released later this year and now many years later becoming a Life Coach to help

serve women in deeper and more connected ways.

 Mothers struggling when we should be thriving

A book for every mother

If you're a mama having trouble coping every day, if you feel you don't understand all those heavy feelings and constant battle between your desires and responsibilities.


If you are the mama who doesn't have support, who feels alone and wants out from all of this.

If you're so deep in depression and anxiety and feel helpless.


If you're sick of the madness and are seeking balance in life...


...then I wrote this book for you sweetheart.

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I’m so glad you are here with me today because I know that when women come together magical things can happen. And I am fully committed to helping you welcome more magic

into your life. 

Because ultimately, we are all on this journey together.


You are not alone.

If you feel like you need to talk, you need to be seen and understood, book a complimentary discovery session with me here so we can guide you back to feeling like the incredible woman you truly are.


I know that first step is hard, taking care of you after always putting everyone first. You may feel guilty, like you're not worthy of this, or that you're wanting too much. But let me tell you, these are the exact thoughts that are holding you back from your best life. 

Remember, to take care of them you must take care of yourself. You deserve this.

If you're bit of a word lover and page turner like me, check out my book Living with Grace here or head over to grab some free downloads just for you. 

Until next time my friend, stay beautifully mad ...

Cathy xoxo